CuDeeB is a revision management system that comes with an excellent set of questions. They are accurate, cover the subject areas completely, and are based on actual interview questions - including the obscure facts that you probably won't come across in your day-to-day work.

CuDeeB's revision management system:

CuDeeB is not a traditional assessment or screening tool. Although you can take tests and you are scored against various topics, the entire system relies upon trust.

This is because CuDeeB is built for the individual, not the organisation.

Most "comparable" websites are geared almost exclusively toward the employer (that's how they make money). They are not designed to help you improve.

CuDeeB is a tool for the job-seeker or employee - its only aim is to help you do the best you can in an interview, or just stay on top of your game.


How it works - and does it work?

You'll know CuDeeB works when you're in a gnarly situation (like a hard job interview) and can remember key facts easily... Better still - you know your answers are correct.

That's why we think the best way to see CuDeeB work is to use it - for free.

Here's how:

  1. Sign up for a free account. These are limited in number - we look after our current users first :)
  2. You get 200 CuDeeB Credits ( ) for free when you register
  3. Choose what you want to revise
  4. Edit your selection, to fine-tune the topics
  5. Start a test

CuDeeB makes it easy to get revising, and a starter account is completely free. No credit cards are needed - just an email address.

Start using CuDeeB today and find out for yourself...

You can thank us later :)


Pricing and credits

As mentioned above, you can get started on CuDeeB with a free account.

Every free account comes with 150 CuDeeB Credits ().

CuDeeB credits are used to gain access to content. For example, the entire set of C++ content (including STL, C++ 11 & 14 and OS specific content) costs about 200 credits for 60 days' access (there are over 210 questions on C++).

Once you have used up all of your free credits, you can purchase more by going to the My Account page. Here you will find a list of purchase options.