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CuDeeB Quick Start Guide

The shortest and simplest explanation of how to use CuDeeB to organise your revision.

Some of the ways you can use CuDeeB

Whether for short term panic revision, or simply to keep your skills up to date, this article discusses some common approaches to making best use of the CuDeeB revision management system.

Question Types - Interactive Feedback

Amoung CuDeeB's question types are Interactive Feedback Questions. Interactive feedback questions are able to provide guidance for incorrect answers, specifying where you may have gone wrong and guiding you toward a better understanding.

CuDeeB's Logic Questions

Virtually every programming related interview I have ever participated in, one side or the other, has included some form of logic question you are asked to solve while explaining your thoughts as you work through the problem. Practice these questions now, not when it really matters!

Try your luck against this one

You're in your second interview, an hour tired, and this happens. Put yourself there now and see what happens..

Balls and Scales Problem

One of the trickiest of the series, try it out.

General Article Topics

Generalised articles relating to CuDeeB's content

Programmers in the Financial Industry

Overall summary of the realities for technical folks working in finance. Types of roles. Pay. How to get into finance. The highs, the lows, the traps and the tips.

Basic Financial Terminology

If you are a technical person, a programmer perhaps, who wants to move into the financial sector, knowing these basics of finance can give you a big advantage. Or if you already do, and just need a quick refresher, read on. These definitions and terms are written to be short, concise, and easily remembered.

CuDeeB's Question Content

For CuDeeB's professionally written cotent, these information pages describe the content in detail.


C++ has been either the or a top programming language for over a decade. With an unrivalled code base coverage and a decreasing number of high level programmers, wages are good and the work is interesting.


Python has grown in popularity and general use at a considerable and continuous rate for many years now. A large number of job specifications now include programming in Python as a desired or beneficial skill. For this reason we have created a Python programming resource for CuDeeB.

UNIX Console

Ever had to search through a collection of log files for the occurence of a particular error ?, or find out which files have been recently modified ?, or perhaps find out which directories are using up the most storage. All things UNIX console are here.

CuDeeB's Release Notes

Articles discussing and announcing new features and content.

June 2018 - Practical coding questions, login overhaul, bigger active topic set (ATS)

The development team here at CuDeeB Towers have been working hard to bring two vital new features to the site. Alongside numerous improvements, and of course continual addition and rewriting of our core question set, we are excited to finally introduce practical C++ coding questions to the C++ revision space.

July 2017 - Test construction, improved performance, mobile and desktop UX

Another big summer release from CuDeeB to make your revision easier and quicker. We have registration and guest account enhancements, major test changes, and a total performance overhaul.

Feb 2017 - New question format, progress overhaul, useability improvements

We've upgraded the question format to allow for richer text and better written questions. The progress page has been completely overhauled and now includes a wealth of additional visual information. Plenty more but that's the gist.

May 2016 - Try it and see : Unregistered accounts

Try now, register for free later ! CuDeeb already provides volumes of free content. You can use the site at no cost, and without commitment by entering your email address. Now you can try the system out now, and register (still for free) later.

April 2016 - UNIX command line question set

Ever had to search through a collection of log files for the occurence of a particular error ?, or find out which files have been recently modified ?, or perhaps find out which directories are using up the most storage ?