CuDeeB's Release Notes

Articles discussing and announcing new features and content.

June 2018 - Practical coding questions, login overhaul, bigger active topic set (ATS)

The development team here at CuDeeB Towers have been working hard to bring two vital new features to the site. Alongside numerous improvements, and of course continual addition and rewriting of our core question set, we are excited to finally introduce practical C++ coding questions to the C++ revision space.

July 2017 - Test construction, improved performance, mobile and desktop UX

Another big summer release from CuDeeB to make your revision easier and quicker. We have registration and guest account enhancements, major test changes, and a total performance overhaul.

Feb 2017 - New question format, progress overhaul, useability improvements

We've upgraded the question format to allow for richer text and better written questions. The progress page has been completely overhauled and now includes a wealth of additional visual information. Plenty more but that's the gist.

May 2016 - Try it and see : Unregistered accounts

Try now, register for free later ! CuDeeb already provides volumes of free content. You can use the site at no cost, and without commitment by entering your email address. Now you can try the system out now, and register (still for free) later.

April 2016 - UNIX command line question set

Ever had to search through a collection of log files for the occurence of a particular error ?, or find out which files have been recently modified ?, or perhaps find out which directories are using up the most storage ?

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