CuDeeB Update April 2016
UNIX command line tests

Ever had to search through a collection of log files for the occurence of a particular error ?, or find out which files have been recently modified ?, or perhaps find out which directories are using up the most storage ?

CuDeeB can help...

If your work (or potential work) involves anything to do with Linux, Solaris, or any other *NIX operating system, you will benefit from a good grasp of the command line fundamentals.

Whatever your role, if anything you do involves any UNIX flavour, there are some things you just need to know. CuDeeB now includes over 100 questions covering a wide variety of command line operations. Ranging from the basics such as getting a directory listing, to combinatorial operations involving multiple command line operations such as xargs, exec, grep and ¦ (pipe), our new question set covers all practical use cases required to demonstrate your command line credentials.

The majority of this question set consists of open-ended "trust" questions. Given the multitude of ways a single task can be accomplished, CuDeeB is a uniquely suitable mechanism to help you learn or revise this critical knowledge.

Including, but not limited to the following areas :

  • sed
  • awk
  • xargs
  • grep
  • chmod
  • chown
  • sort
  • top
  • tee
  • df
  • du
  • whoami
  • cp
  • mv
  • rename
  • rm
  • uname
  • cut
  • wc
  • pwd
  • ln
  • which
  • mkdir
  • diff
  • head
  • tail
  • prstat

For a demonstration revision session (without registration), simply click on this link.