CuDeeB Update May 2016
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CuDeeb already provides volumes of free content. You can use the site at no cost, and without commitment by entering your email address.

Your progress is constantly assessed, and the system makes sure every test you take makes the best possible use of your time.

After taking a few tests, CuDeeB has enough information to focus on the areas you need to improve.

Having said this, we recognise it can be difficult to find material and study aids you can rely on. There are loads of sites to choose from. Some are useful. Others are a waste of time.

If, for example, you had an interview in 2 days, you really do not have the time to spend registering with multiple websites and deciding whether they can help you or not.

You can now try CuDeeB with a single click. With no hassle at all, you can take a look around and see what we offer.

If you decide to register, your progress will be kept and you can choose additional topics to add to your revision plan and continue revising.


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