CuDeeB Update February 2017
Usability Improvements

It's been a busy 2017 already! These are just some of the features we've added:

  • New question format
    Not only do the questions look much better in the new format, they are also clearer and easier to read.
    It will take a few months to migrate all the questions to the new format, as we are taking this opportunity to review and refine every question in every topic.
  • Redesigned "Your Progress" page
    This page has been completely rewritten from the ground up, with new data structures and graphing API, letting us focus on showing you the data you need to see.

Coming Soon...

  • New question sets
    Including Java, SQL for Developers, Regular Expressions and Development/Project Management Methodologies.
  • Add your own questions
    Add and edit your own topics and questions so CuDeeB can manage all your revision - including the specialist knowledge that sets you apart.
  • Revision targets
    Add interview dates so CuDeeB can help plan your revision, predict outcomes, and let you focus on achieving your goals.
  • Mobile-friendly design
    The pages and user journeys will be completely redesigned with mobile in mind. Sorry it's taken so long!