CuDeeB Update July 2017
Test Details, UX and Performance Improvements

Another big summer release from CuDeeB, to make revising easier and quicker:

  • Registration and guest account enhancements
    Guest accounts are a great way for you to see how CuDeeB works without even having to give us an email address. When you've had a chance to look around the site and review some of the questions, it's now much easier to upgrade to a personal account (still free!) without losing the progress you made as an anonymous guest (which helps CuDeeB focus on strengthening your weakest areas).
  • Changes to tests
    Tests created and recommended by CuDeeB take into account the subjects you want to learn, your previous results and how you've used the site so far. We wanted to explain why each topic is included in your next test, and give you a better idea of its composition, without submerging you in the details. We've also streamlined test creation, so you can get back to revising quickly, and there are major improvements coming soon to make memorising subjects much more efficient - essential when an interview is booked with no notice!
  • Performance improvements
    It takes a lot of processing to create personalised tests based on stated goals and interview dates, then taking into account your past performance on CuDeeB and any memory characteristics we've gleaned along the way. CuDeeB has been rewritten from the ground up to improve storing, retrieving and processing data, so some pages are over 100 times faster!

We always like to hear your comments and ideas for improvements - please email them to Thank you.