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Let CuDeeB manage your revision for you. Simply tell it what you need to know, and how much time you have to revise. Repeated, quick tests cover all the areas you might be asked about - removing the need for you to spend time organising what to learn.

  • Full topic coverage
  • Professionally written and vetted questions
  • Adaptive focus makes best use of time
  • Graphical feedback on progress

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Python Fundamentals

All you need for everyday programming.

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C++ Intermediate C++ v11 - Lamda Functions


Let CuDeeb organise your revision for you - just tell it what you need to know !

Then you can focus on learning.

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Take unlimited, bite size tests, featuring questions and answers written by experienced practitioners and covering all you need to know.

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Know where you stand, and how far you have left to go. View statistics that show your current attainment and projected progress against your goals.

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Organise your study

Planning your revision and making sure you cover everything you need can be time-consuming. There's such a variety of resources available - tests, tutorials, forums, presentations, videos and more - it's easy to get distracted researching a topic or site.

CuDeeB covers everything you need to know, and you can trust the content.

Simply build a revision plan based on one of our templates and you're ready to go in a couple of minutes.

You'll be given quick, bit-sized tests, focussed on the topics you still need to remember - ideal for the daily commute!

Let CuDeeB take all the effort out of planning, so you can spend time actually revising.

Revise with confidence

CuDeeB helps you be your best when it counts...

All too often, candidates fall at the first hurdle when they can't remember a simple piece of syntax they use all the time, just because of the pressure.

CuDeeB takes you through everything you need to know, systematically testing you with open-ended questions on the subjects you need.

You won't be asked multiple choice questions - it's too easy to gain false confidence when you're given hints and don't need to remember the syntax.

Let CuDeeB catch you out with tricky questions now, don't wait until the interview.

New for May 2018! C++ Code Questions

In this new type of question, the code you write in your answer is compiled online before the results are checked. You only need to write the relevant section of code - great for reinforcing knowledge without wasting time. Try C++ Code Questions for free.

Progress - and know it !

Every time you take a test, CuDeeB tracks your answers and calculates your skill level.

You can view your progress at any time. Check how much of your revision plan has been covered, how far you've got to go, and which areas need improvement.

These results are used to keep an up-to-date profile of your memory retention characteristics, which are used to determine the areas you need to focus on, and the size and contents of each dynamic test.

Remember, CuDeeB is on your side - your data is never shared, and only used to help you prepare for interviews.

Let CuDeeB manage your revision for you, personally. You can thank us after the interview...