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Python Practical Programming

Python has grown in popularity and general use at a considerable and continuous rate for many years now. A large number of job specifications now include programming in Python as a desired or beneficial skill. For this reason we have created a Python programming resource for CuDeeB. This includes a collection of questions and answers that will ensure you have the fundamentals covered. Whether revising for an interview or simply trying to stay on top of your game, we can help.

Subject Coverage

The python question set currently has 26 questions, split over the following 9 topics:

  • Arithmetic/Basic : Basic calculations, powers, division remainders etc...
  • Assignments and Expressions : Variable initialisation, assignment expressions etc...
  • Console/Input : Handling user input from the command line.
  • Console/Output : Displaying strings and other variable to the command line.
  • Data Structures/Dictionaries/Basics : Basic concepts of Python dictionary use.
  • Data Structures/Lists : Lists : Syntax, adding, removing, iteration, conditionals...
  • Flow Control/For Loops : For loops and associated operations.
  • Functions/Basics : Defining and calling functions. Different parameter types.
  • Slicing : Slice notation for Python data structures.

Level of Proficiency

The Python question set in its present form provides a way to run through the fundamentals of programming in Python. The basic syntax, use of data structures such as lists and dictionaries, variable scope and usage, and flow control are some examples of topics covered. For the fundamentals, use this. To become an expert, look elsewhere.

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The Author

The author of this question set has over 20 years commercial programming experience, and has been using Python within the finance arena to accomplish a variety of tasks, from simple scripts to fully fledged release management systems.